Kindle may be the most popular e-reader but it is worth considering a less popular alternative, Nook. Despite its popularity, many customers still find Nook to be a good choice over Kindle. A comparison between the two should help customers decide based on their budget and preferences. Which is the better device – Nook or Kindle?

The GlowLight Plus is Nook’s latest device. It is priced at $129.99. Out of the four Kindle options available, Kindle Paperwhite is the most similar, priced slightly cheaper at $119.99. Factoring in the Kindle store and Amazon Prime, the initial cost of Kindle seems to be more worth it. However, Kindle customers have to be willing to have sponsored screensavers and ads for Kindle books showing up on their device, unless they are willing to pay an extra $20. Customers looking purely for affordability should look to buy the Kindle Basic.

Kindle supports a larger array of file formats compared to Nook. This difference should not matter to most customers unless they plan on sideloading documents. Even then, customers can still use a file conversion tool. It should also be noted that Nook supports the widely used EPUB format which Kindle does not.The devices have similar battery life. The GlowLight Plus and Kindle Paperwhite both have a battery life of six weeks. A similar comparison can be made for the cheaper devices of the respective e-readers.

Both devices support Wi-Fi with the Kindle options above Basic allowing having a 3G feature with the added cost of $70. Each respective store in both devices offer a large and diverse selection of books and authors. Readers looking for more obscure publishing should have better luck with Kindle.

Both screens come with practically identical size, weight, and quality. The Nook has built-in reading light that adjusts to the environment. It avoids glare and allows for reading in low to zero light environments. Kindle customers will only get such a feature without the Basic.

The devices also come with their own unique features. One of the Nook’s main attractions is that The GlowLight Plus is waterproof. Both the Kindle Voyage and Oasis have a pressure-sensitive pad in the bezel which prevents any potential muscle tiredness from the reader during long reading sessions. the Kindle X-ray feature allows for a convenient deeper exploration into the contents of a book.

There is no clear better device as it depends on the individual customer. What is clear is that customers should have an informed opinion on both devices as the Nook is a solid choice even against the more popular Kindle.

A Comparison Between Nook and Kindle