Those who are fans of comics can’t say they’re comic fanatics until they’ve collected back issues of their favorite series. It may be hard to do but it’s hard to be satisfied until that goal is accomplished. Due to the many comic book series out there, it would be difficult to choose a particular one. Here are some that are hard to resist:
Perhaps, the most iconic comic book character ever, Superman has it all. He has the looks, charisma, and superpowers to be a megastar. His powers include being able to leap over tall buildings, blowing heavy objects like they were nothing, and seeing through objects. That’s not even mentioning the superhuman strength he posses. He definitely looks like he’s been lifting a lot of weights. Due to his rugged good looks and timeless character, it’s no surprise how today’s kids still look up to him.
Even if Batman doesn’t have any superpowers, he disposes of bad guys in a creative fashion. The character has spawned a lot of parodies and TV series. One can never forget the time in “Justice League” the movie when Flash decided to ask him what his superpowers are. Bruce Wayne ended up sarcastically telling him he’s rich which is true in a way since his weapons are made up of expensive materials. He also has a trusty sidekick named Robin.
Betty & Veronica
A comic book series that’s ideally for girls is Betty & Veronica. They’re two best friends who are sometimes bitter enemies since they like the same guy. Veronica is the rich snobby type while Betty is the simple nice girl. The stories here are mostly for girls. For example, the topics are usually about doing make-up, fashion, and noticing other guys. Of course, it’s also for guys who want to know what girls like.
The lead character in the Archie Comics is none other than Archie Andrews. The character possesses a lot of traits including being clumsy, handsome, and strong. He’s a high school student who usually gets in trouble with the principal of his school. His comic book series also introduces a bunch of interesting characters like Reggie, Moose, Dilton, Chuck, and Cheryl. Netflix also saw great potential in the comic book series so they made a TV series based out of it. Not surprisingly, it’s doing very good.
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After all, reading comics is meant to be a hobby.
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